Today is the last day of school. My 2nd grader and kindergartener are growing up so fast!!!

I was going to make something new and special to celebrate their accomplishments for the year, but I woke up late…..

So Pikachu to the rescue! Easy and cute:)


Yukari obento


I made a very “typical” Japanese obento today without any characters.

My son loved the rice, which is mixed with red beefsteak plant furikake called Yukari. It’s a popular furikake in Japan and so good.

Makkuro Kurosuke


Makkuro Kurosuke is a character in “My Neighbor Totoro”. Just wrap rice balls with seaweed and add circle cheese and seaweed as eyes, and voila, it’s done!

The movie used to be one of my favorites when I was little, and would recommend it to anyone!  So cute.

Happy Memorial Day!


I made an American flag obento since yesterday was the Memorial Day.

I had never used blue in obento before because I couldn’t think of any food that has the color, but my friend gave me an idea to use food coloring on ham so I tried that.

Super Mario


The color looks weird on the photo, but it’s just white rice with imitation crab.

I used to use stick cheese for white parts but I recently discovered sliced Swiss cheese works much better!





May 5th is the Children’s Day in Japan. It is also known as Boys’ Day while Girls’ Day is celebrated on March 3.

To celebrate the holiday and wish for healthy growth of the boys in the family, we traditionally fly “Koinobori (Carp Streamer)”, which are carp-shaped windsocks, outside during this season. We also set up a warrior doll, armer set, and/or warrior’s helmet in the house.

Since we don’t have Koinobori here I decided to make obento out of the theme. Koinobori is normally a set of more than three carps, representing a father, a mother and kids, but for this obento I just made two rice balls with ham and egg topping.

The craft version of Koinobori in the back is made by our daughter:)