Super Mario


The color looks weird on the photo, but it’s just white rice with imitation crab.

I used to use stick cheese for white parts but I recently discovered sliced Swiss cheese works much better!





May 5th is the Children’s Day in Japan. It is also known as Boys’ Day while Girls’ Day is celebrated on March 3.

To celebrate the holiday and wish for healthy growth of the boys in the family, we traditionally fly “Koinobori (Carp Streamer)”, which are carp-shaped windsocks, outside during this season. We also set up a warrior doll, armer set, and/or warrior’s helmet in the house.

Since we don’t have Koinobori here I decided to make obento out of the theme. Koinobori is normally a set of more than three carps, representing a father, a mother and kids, but for this obento I just made two rice balls with ham and egg topping.

The craft version of Koinobori in the back is made by our daughter:)

The Cat in the Hat


Well… just the hat and no cat.

I tried to make one with bread and jam last week for Dr. Seuss’s birthday, but it didn’t come out so well so I made a revenge lunch.

There is a lot of room to improve (like it needs less white space) but I found it much easier to make it with rice than bread.

Maybe a cookie cutter is the way to go…



Today, March 3rd, is the “Hinamatsuri” (girl’s day) in Japan.

We celebrate girls in the family and wish for their healthy growth and happiness by displaying special dolls and eating chirashizushi among other things.

So I made lunch in that theme today. My mom used to make me these lunches every year. Even though we didn’t have the concept of “Character obento” at that time, but her hinamatsuri lunches were definitely that.

The paper craft in the back of the picture was made by our daughter at her Japanese school :)